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So…as I flood Facebook with my weekly posts in hopes that I’ll someday make as many friends as Tom on MySpace, I thought it would be good to advise the world about some fellow bloggers that have some great posts about living in Panama. These posts are all great blog posts about Panama and each post will provide insight into different aspects of life on the Isthmus. P.S. Don’t forget to like PanamaDude on Facebook and follow along on G+ while you’re at it!

8 Blog Posts About Panama You Should Read

by Kris Cunningham.
Why you should read it…Kris opens up the books on their life in David and breaks down what it costs for them to live in Chiriqui province, Panama, dating back to February 2013. Sure, there’s a few months missing here and there, but hey, it’s not like she’s working for Enron and trying to hide her spending…or is she?

by Joey Bonura.
Why you should read it…It’s a material app world and I am a material girl app dude. Seriously, it’s a good list of apps that will make your life A LOT easier in Panama, or any other Latin American country, for that matter. More so if you live in the city. And if you’re not on WhatsApp, get on WhatsApp, it really helps. Only Hosers from Canada text, and when they arrive in Panama they quickly learn texting has been replaced by WhatsApp…I know from experience…

I know from Experience!

by Randy Hilarski
Why you should read it…Just like Abe Frohman is the Sausage King of Chicago, Randy is the Google+ King of Panama. Google “Panama” and he’s probably got something to do with a site or two on page one. Originally from the States of America that are United, Randy has now received his residency card for Panama. In doing so, he explains some of the finer (and not so finer) details about the process.

by Christopher Powers.
Why you should read it…Chris has been doing detailed location reports on numerous towns and cities here in Panama. This is a very thorough post about the costs of food in Panama City (which differs only slightly from food costs in the interior). He also shops for a family of six…so if you have kids and are wondering what expenses could be like, then as the beer commercial says…this buds for you!

by Richard Dietrich
Why you should read it…Richard has been here for many, many, many years. In fact, I think he was like the first ever Expat in Panama , a pioneer if you will…like Charles Ingles on Little House on the Prairie or something. Kidding aside, it’s a good post about Medical Care – offering advice and insights based on his experience.

by Michael Allen Long
Why you should read it…Well, to get to Panama, you typically have to fly in to PTY Airport (Tocumen), then travel into the city. Travel days can be long and sucky so it’s nice to fly in, spend the night in the city, then venture on manana to whatever part of the country you’re heading to – unless you live in the city and you’ve reached your destination, in which this list still serves it’s purpose. Anyway, as many expats and locals will agree, at times the food choices in Panama can sometimes be…well…uh…mas o menos. This list of 10 restaurants is a great starting point, but you should also check out the comments after the post for reader recommendations as well.

by Alice Beth
Why you should read it…Alice tells it like it is when it comes to the age-old question about what it takes to find work in Panama, moreover, what you can do to help yourself become gainfully employed in Panama.


by me…Al McCullough
Why you should read it…Because it’s my blog post and as an insecure person I need the feeling of recognition and accomplishment whilst sarcastically making fun of anything and everything…More seriously, as you can see from the blog posts above, many blogs are full of statistics, facts, figures, analysis, comparisons, charts, graphs, opinions and whatnot and so forth…my post above (all of my posts, actually) looks at the lighter side of living in Panama and what to expect as an expat. It’s almost as funny as Seth Rogen’s laugh in that movie with Seth Rogen, you know, the one where Seth Rogen laughs…

Well, there you have it, another Ocho List for all to enjoy. The fact is, there are many more great blogs about life in Panama – these posts just help answer some of the more common questions and are a great starting point for those researching a move to Panama. If you would like to learn more about Panama, there is plenty of information available in encyclopedia’s and on microfilm at your local library.

Later Dudes!

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