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8 Things Expats Like About Living in Panama 5

So…Last week I wrote the conclusion to “A ridiculous point of view of three countries”. I received some outstanding feedback from one of my readers. They liked my POV that “no country is better than the other…”. They said that they don’t like the complaining people do about their new country and that someone should write a post about…

Why I came to Panama, and what I like about living in Panama…

I don’t want to be selfish and ramble on about me and my desires to move here. Read my about page to see how I ended up here. I did, however, want to know why others decided to move here. An overwhelming majority noted that it was too expensive to retire in their home country. And underwhelming minority noted that voices led them here.

As for the second part of that post,..

What do I like most about Panama? Like I’m going to pass up a chance like this to do one of my patent pending “Ocho lists”. So here you go, top 8 things I like about living in Panama.

8. Get to enjoy the outdoors 12 months of the year

7. Single servings for all 🙂

6. Not a lot of smokers here (I lived in a city that had a VERY high rate of smokers)

5. Friendly people

4. Fricken amazing weather (did you see Panama won the weather category in my recent post about which country was better in “A Ridiculous Point of View of Three Countries Part II”).

3. They like baseball and so do I

Seriously? The same Mariano Rivera pic 3 weeks in a row, dude?

Seriously? The same Mariano Rivera pic 3 weeks in a row, dude?

2. Cheap beer…and rum… and Clos wine in a box.

And the number one reason???

1. As a dude, it’s okay to grab your junk in public.

Is it still there...yep. Phew. Better check again in 5 though.

Is it still there…yep. Phew. Better check again in 5 though.

Well, that’s my ocho list of what I enjoy the most about Panama. But I really wanted to know what others had to say, hence my posts in groups and forums this past week. So, as Richard Dawson would have said…it’s time to play…the Feud!…We surveyed 100 Americans people and the top 8 answers are on the board…Survey Says!!!!

8. Currency

7. Laid back-edness (yeah, I just made that word up)

6. Location

5. Beaches

that's my wife!

that’s my wife!

4. The Seafood

3. Cost of Living

2. Weather

1. The People

Well, there you have it.  Evidently, I’m the only expat that likes the fact that I can grab my junk in public here in Panama.

It’s okay for baseball players to grab their junk too!

Later dudes!



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