about me

So you want to know about me?

Boxers and boxer-briefs
Pizza or hamburgers
Forrest Gump

I hail from the frozen tundras of Canada, where like many other Canadians I was forced to hibernate for months on end, filling my belly with stews, heavy soups and other comfort foods to gain necessary fats to keep warm. One day, my wife drugged me and I woke up in Panama. So here I am, making the best of things…

Okay,  my name is Al and writing is one of my passions, along with baseball – and using dashes to break up run on sentences. I’ve written screenplays, short stories, web content, corporate communications and technical documentation. Oh, and some songs to my wife but they’re not very good…or romantic…or…good.

Anyway, here’s my life in point form:

  • born and raised
  • went to school
  • got a job
  • got married to this chica
  • played house
  • got a dog
  • enjoyed many a vacation
  • doggy died 🙁
  • visited Panama
  • entered a contest to win a trip to Panama and created this video
  • didn’t win contest
  • decided we should move to Panama anyway
  • sold all our $#!T
  • quit jobs
  • booked flight
  • writing ever since…

My wife Shelly and I have been planning Panama for a few years now. If you’re looking for some funny expat stories about Panama, you’ve come to the right place.

P.S. Baseball comments are always welcome!