Looking for some of the best advertising money can buy?

Okay, you can’t buy a Superbowl ad here, but what you can get is the most unique form of advertising ANY Panama blog offers.

If you’re wondering how ads work on, it’s really simple stuff. There’s no PPC (pay per click) or talk of “impressions” on this site. Here’s what you get…

As you may (or may not) know, PanamaDude has weekly “episodes” (blog posts) that are “aired” (posted) every Thursday (jueves). Content ranges from clever Top 8 lists (Ocho Lists), to hilarious stories of overcoming language barriers (often with self-deprecating humor).

There are three placement choices for you to advertise your “commercial”. With each choice, your ad will stay with that blog post and will not be removed or replaced…forever! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving, only it’s an ad that keeps on…adding.

Your commercial will also be shared with the thousands of Expats already in Panama, interested in moving to Panama, or dudes looking to vacation in Panama.

The three advertising placement options are:

  1. Commercial after blog post introduction. This option provides best visibility.  Example: 8 Places to Visit if You’re Considering a Move to Panama.
  2. Commercial at end of post. Will always contain: “This episode was brought to you by” with your commercial to follow. Example: Fairs in Panama.
  3. Commercial in middle. Placed strategically around mid-post where reader could use a “commercial” break or placed to provide suspense. Example: Christmas in Pedasi.

High-engagement/popular posts are also re-shared regularly across multiple social platforms. Additionally, each month PanamaDude sends out a Monthly Episode Newsletter with article links included – that’s some nice double-dipping for you!

Clients can provide their own ad copy, or PanamaDude can write it for you for an additional cost/trade. Ad copy is written in the same style as the blog episode (fun/comedic) whenever possible or unless otherwise specified (typically does not exceed five or six sentences).

Please contact PanamaDude for a media kit with pricing and ad copy samples.

Later Dudes!