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Baseball in Panama CONTEST TIME! Name The Team in Los Santos, Panama! 4

So…Enjoying some baseball in Panama? Well, Panama needs your help, people. More specifically, Panama Mayor League Baseball needs your help. Even more specifically, Los Santos and Darien need your help.

Now I know what you’re thinking,  ”Not another baseball post! What is it with this guy and baseball – I mean really, there was the crotch-grabbing blog pics, then Mariano Rivera pics three weeks in a row, then the post about the start of the baseball season a few weeks ago…enough with the baseball posts dude”! 

See, that was word-for-word what you were thinking…I know…I have ESPN.

ESPN 8 the Ocho in Panama

Cotton…PanamaDude is Psychic!

Okay, so how do they need help? Well, there are 11 teams in the league, and nine have nicknames, but the Darien and Los Santos teams don’t have nicknames…QUE!

So I’ve taken it upon myself to come up with some possible nicknames.

Possible nicknames for the Los Santos Baseball Team:

Los Santos Ponchalos. This is solely based on the popular restaurant, Ponchalos, in Las Tablas. I don’t think naming a team the “Los Santos Strike Him Outs” has a good ring to it though. Then again, there’s a basketball team named the Raptors and another named the Pelicans…and don’t even get us hockey fans started about The Mighty Ducks…what the $#!T was that!

Los Santos Gigantes (Giants). This is solely based on the team colours mimicking MLB’s San Francisco Giants.

Noir y Naranja (Black & Orange). This is solely based on the teams colours of black and orange and not copying the 2014 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants nickname.

And now the Darien, an area I know nothing about, but because I have the internet I am now an expert…But really, other than people saying that one should never go there and to stay away, I have nothing to base any possible nicknames off of…

Possible nicknames for the Darien Baseball Team:

Darien Guerillas?

Guerillas or Gorillas in Panama?

You said GORillas, not GUErillas!!!

Again, I know what you’re thinking…”Did he just reference the movie Captain Ron…Gold, Jerry”!

Darien…NeverNever-Landers? Ya know, because you’re never supposed to go there? Their Logo could be a nice Michael Jackson image. No?

Darien Hermanos Desde Otra Madres? I’ve really got nothing here. Yep…Grasping.

I would love to hear your ideas about possible nicknames, like…Leons y Tigres y Osos…Oh My!

Anyway, here’s a look at all the other teams nicknames so there needn’t be repeat answers:

Bocas del Toro: Tortugueros
Chiriqui: Gana’o Bravo, los hijos del valle de la luna
Chiriqui Occidente:  Los Occidentales
Cocle: Lena Roga, Azucareros
Colon: Los Beep Beep (some kind of Coyote / Roadrunner thing?)
Herrera: La Verraquera
Panama Oueste: Los Vaqueros del Oeste
Panama Metro: Metropolitanos (not to be confused with the ice cream flavour Neopolitans)
Veraguas: Los Indios
Los Santos:

Looking forward to your nicknames…oh, and because I love the baseball in Panama so much, the winner of this contest gets to go to a baseball game with me..your treat. Great prize, right!

Later Dudes!




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