Catarina, Nicaragua

Going Overboard with Catarina

Well…we had to make another visit to the town of Catarina…ARTURO!!! Yeah, we’re huge fans of the movie Overboard, starring Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn – classic 80’s flick.

I really hate going to Catarina though, with all the…nice views, pretty flowers, quaint shops, and tasty pupusas.

If you don’t know what a pupusa is, it’s one of the tastiest things in the world. And if you have had one and know what they are, this town has the best ones in the world. I know from experience. Actually, they originated in El Salvador, and after you eat one it’ll leave you wanting El Salva-more. We got a combo because I suffer from hollow-leg syndrome. It’s a terrible affliction, so we made an emergency stop at our new favorite eatery – the Pupusa Factory (no relation to C&C Music Factory). The combos and a shared drink cost a minuscule $3.01. That’s totally a deal.

Pupusa from the Pupusa factory in Catarina

After our meal it was back to the task at hand. Our third visit here required us to get a new SIM card for Shell’s phone. Her signal wasn’t that great with Claro so we got a Movistar SIM. We now have the following SIM card collection:

2 Claro SIMS for Nicaragua +
1 Movistar SIM for Nicaragua +
2 Claro SIMS for Panama +
1 Movistar SIM for Panama +
1 Mas Movil SIM for Panama =
7 SIM cards for 2 countries…I’d like to think we’re covered, but anyone living here knows we’re only slightly to moderately covered.

Anyway, we walked over to the Claro store to top up my data, but I had to stop and take this pic first:

el cuartel, Catarina

Holy holes!

This building, named El Cuartel (the Barracks) was just what its name says. It was a barracks during the revolution of 1979. Wonder what all those holes are from?

After we got my data dealt with, we sat in the park for the free Wi-Fi so our phones could do their updates. Funny, we reminisced about how back home, we didn’t care that our phones did updates because we’d be either on Wi-Fi at home or at work, so it didn’t matter.

decorative clay pots in Catarina

More pots than the Pottery Barn!

Once our necessary updates completed it was off to Movistar, but again, we took advantage of some photo ops of all the amazing things Catarina sells. Things like:

$3 shirts (probably more expensive ones too)
Food-like places

Actually, Catarina is famous for its flowers and plants. Being on top of a crater it’s the perfect temperature for year-round growing.

And just before we left, we needed to take in the view that Catarina offers, just one more time.

the lookout in Catarina

The terrible view we have to endure in Catarina

Later dudes!



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