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Carnaval Panama 2016 is fast approaching. If you are new in town, this is a great way to meet new people and experience one of the most anticipated events of the year while indulging in some of the local culture. Every expat has to experience Carnaval Panama at least once, and whether this will be your first, fourth, or fourteenth, here are […]

8 Do’s and Don’ts For Carnaval Panama

Canons in Portobelo, Panama 2
So…Cheli’s parents came for a visit and we arranged a tour with our friends Randy and Anabell Hilarski of VIP Panama Tours. It’s nice when you can support your local friends that you meet online 🙂 The in-laws got to see just how things can unfold in Panama. We told them their driver would be there around 9am. To us, […]

VIP Panama Tours Gives Us a Tour of the Other ...

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So…I just got dealt some huge irony. I got more Irony than Iron Man and Jeremy Irons. Heck, I got handed more irony than Jeremy Irons playing Iron Man while mining iron. This irony would make for it’s own song by Alanis Morissette. You see, I wrote this blog about Disney coming to Panama. And it was a huge success […]

Disney Panama – an Epic Fail of Panama Proportions

Christmas in Panama 2
So…it’s here. Lights are up. Trees are decorated. Festivities are upon us. Clearly, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Panama City. A few weeks ago I wrote about Disney coming to Panama for a Christmas Parade (oh, and here’s the route along with closures). The advertising for this event wasn’t well…advertised, but the back of the metro buses have […]

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas in Panama

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Hey kids, did you hear about Disney coming to Panama? So…as some of you know, Cheli and I just returned from a nine week house sit in Nicaragua (plus three fun nights of R&R at Gran Pacifica Resort). But on our return flight to Panama, Cheli was reading Copa’s Panorama magazine and noticed an article within – an article informing […]

Is Disney Coming to Panama? Apparently!

Well, as our house sit winds down here in Nicaragua we get to reflect on the time we had here. We had some tough times, like when Cheli got REALLY sick. And we had some fun times, like when I got covered in Chocolate sauce. Much like how I compared Canada to America to Panama, I decided I would do a quick […]

What Country is Better? Nicaragua or Panama?

Well…it wouldn’t be a season of Panama Dude without an Ocho List, would it? This is our second go-round with Granada and Nicaragua in general, and both our trips to the land of lakes and volcanoes can be compared to…lakes and volcanoes. Our first trip in 2012 was very volcano-like; active and steamy. But this time it’s been much more […]

8 Things To Do in Granada, Nicaragua

Well…we’re doing our best to make the best of a trying week here in Nicaragua. I’ve been singing 80’s superstar Billy Ocean’s song ‘When the goin’ gets tough’ to in an attempt to keep my motivation. We’re trying very hard to ignore dogs barking throughout the night. If it’s not the property dogs, it’s dogs across the street. If it’s […]

Finding Positives During Difficult Times

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Well…we made it to Nicaragua, land of lakes and volcanoes. Hazaa! And our flight was early, too. Hazaa! Anyway, we got picked up, went for groceries, and then discussed the deets with the home owners at our new house sit overlooking Laguna de Apoyo. And then the first day without our homeowners my laptop keyboard totally effed up. The QWERTY […]

Poppin’ Tags at the Granada Market