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So…we’re city slickers now. We just finished up a three week house sit in The Right Hand…or Arraijan as it’s known to everyone else. Some friends have graciously allowed us to stay at their condo in the city, and it’s awesome, because we get to enjoy some of the Panama City cultural events the city has to offer that the […]

Panama City Cultural Events You Won’t Want to Miss

So…I see a common thread on Facebook – people wondering where to visit or research for moving to Panama. Some have a bit of a clue, others no clue at all. So in this Ocho List, I play Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the Candlestick in order to try to help give people a clue (a pretty sweet board game […]

8 Places to Visit if You’re Considering Moving to Panama

So…do you like F-words? Of course you do, who doesn’t? This past weekend I (and many people in Pedasi) got to use many Panamanian F-words. Warning, this post may contain scenes of violence, nudity and coarse language. Viewer discretion is advised. Fishing: Yep, fishing, or pescando if you prefer Spanish. This past weekend was the annual fishing tournament in Pedasi, […]

This Week We Discuss Panamanian F-words

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So…planning a getaway? Wondering where to go with limited time on your Panama vacation? As I start season 3 of PanamaDude, I’d like to travel back in time to what we did during our first Panama vacation, which was how and why we came to move here. If you’re looking for Panama vacation ideas or going on a “fact-finding” mission, look […]

Need time off? Try a Ten Day Panama Vacation

Medellin to Panama 3
So…is it time for your border run? Ever think of doing your border run from Panama to Medellín (pronounced meh-dih-jjjjean)? We just came back from ours and if you haven’t done the quick hop from Panama to Medellín, you should. Why? Well, for starters, you can replace the words to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean is not my lover…” with “Medellín is not […]

Time For a Border Run? How About Panama to Medellín?

Picture of Joe Dirt Lifes a Garden Dig it
So…Have you ever been to any fairs in Panama? I just got back from the huge fair in Los Santos, and it was fricken AWESOME! I’ve been to a few fairs in Canada in my time. And a few festive fair events in the United States too, for that matter. They’re relatively the same as fairs in Panama, but there […]

One Thing Canada and The United States Can Learn From ...

Seinfeld Support The Team 4
So…Enjoying some baseball in Panama? Well, Panama needs your help, people. More specifically, Panama Mayor League Baseball needs your help. Even more specifically, Los Santos and Darien need your help. Now I know what you’re thinking,  ”Not another baseball post! What is it with this guy and baseball – I mean really, there was the crotch-grabbing blog pics, then Mariano Rivera […]

Baseball in Panama CONTEST TIME! Name The Team in ...

Kenny Powers in Mexico 1
So…I love this time of year. I get excited and anxious. Why? Read on dudes…read………………………………on. In case you haven’t heard…mayor league baseball in Panama has started. And I’m not talking about Grapefruit League or Cactus League action back in North America. I’m talking about Panama’s Major League baseball season – Beisbol Nacional dudes…that’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout Willis. In case you didn’t know…I […]

It’s The Most…Wonderful Time…OF THE YEAR – BASEBALL IN PANAMA ...

Picture of a Sac Race in Pedasi 2
So…the party that is November seems to have been put on hiatus for a week or two, maybe? Here’s how the second week of November 2015 played out here in the Azuero. November Holidays in Panama – Week Two Saturday Nov 8: very tranquil in the GPA (Great Pedasi Area). Las Tablas, on the other hand, was party central. Karen Ann […]

November Holidays in Panama – Week Two