Food in Panama

In the past I’ve written about the food in Panama being – well – kinda, sorta, meh. Living in the interior the food options were quite limited…Okay, they were VERY limited.  During the year we spent in Pedasi we had a few good restaurants that served some decent meals. Nearby Las Tablas had some go-to fondas, and Rosti-pollo #2 in Chitre was […]

Solomon’s Montreal Deli Raises the Bar on Food in Panama

Panama Burger
So…I’m not really sure how I want to start this post. The food in Panama is…well, it’s kind of like…it could…uhhh…let’s see…I know – Remember when the first time you went to a girlfriend’s (or boyfriend’s) house for dinner with their parents, and they made something that you had no idea what it was, nor did it resemble anything that […]

The Dish On The Food In Panama