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Expat life in Panama, or life as an expat in Panama!

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Well, we’re on the home stretch of our super-long border run to Nicaragua. We’ve had ups, downs, and plenty of sideways moments – especially when it comes to internet / data with our phones. With that in mind, I thought to myself; “self, these phone shenanigans would make for some good blog material”. And then I thought to myself; “self, […]

Could Panama Cell Phone Plans Be the Best on Earth?

Well…we’re doing our best to make the best of a trying week here in Nicaragua. I’ve been singing 80’s superstar Billy Ocean’s song ‘When the goin’ gets tough’ to in an attempt to keep my motivation. We’re trying very hard to ignore dogs barking throughout the night. If it’s not the property dogs, it’s dogs across the street. If it’s […]

Finding Positives During Difficult Times

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Well…we made it to Nicaragua, land of lakes and volcanoes. Hazaa! And our flight was early, too. Hazaa! Anyway, we got picked up, went for groceries, and then discussed the deets with the home owners at our new house sit overlooking Laguna de Apoyo. And then the first day without our homeowners my laptop keyboard totally effed up. The QWERTY […]

Poppin’ Tags at the Granada Market

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So…in one of the worst kept secrets since…sliced bread? Grrr, one whole year of blogging in Panama and my analogies are still sucking the hind one. Anyway, you may have seen some of our posts about house sitting. In fact, I just wrote a book about it too. Get your copy on Amazon today! Well, after house sitting in Pedasi […]

Is It Time To Leave Panama?

So…we’re city slickers now. We just finished up a three week house sit in The Right Hand…or Arraijan as it’s known to everyone else. Some friends have graciously allowed us to stay at their condo in the city, and it’s awesome, because we get to enjoy some of the Panama City cultural events the city has to offer that the […]

Panama City Cultural Events You Won’t Want to Miss

So…last week I shared our one year of expenses while living in Panama – specifically Pedasi. I thought it would be neat to compare the so called “cheaper cost of living in Panama” to that of our cost of living back in the cold confines of suburban Canada…and no, we didn’t live in an igloo, but we did learn how to make pie […]

Does Panama REALLY Have a Cheaper Cost of Living?

So…doing the math and wondering if you can afford to live in Pedasi or Panama in general? A few other bloggers touch base on the cost of living. Kris Cunningham gives her breakdown of life in David, and Christopher Powers details his costs of living in Panama City. Those are both great baselines for comparison because they’re opposite ends of […]

Can You Afford the Cost of Living in Panama?

So…a few weeks ago I outlined some things we expats take for granted, and a friend of mine here in Pedasi wanted a list of the good things. On that day, I struggled to find the good for the first time ever in my entire life. No, really, it’s true. That’s why I wrote the following Ocho List. But first, […]

8 Reasons Why Panama Sucks

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So…I’ve been working on something. Something…big!  No wait, something… BIG!  Yeah, caps, underlined bright colored bold italics is way better. Back in early 2014, shortly after our massive disappointment with the second installment of the Hobbit trilogy, we decided to kick some things into high gear. What does that mean? That means we started looking into our lifestyle more and […]

Is It Time To Sell All Your Stuff?