Living in Panama

What it’s like living in Panama

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Wondering How to Make Money in Panama? So…do you like money? Who doesn’t right? If you have lots of money, you probably don’t need to read this, unless you’re taking a poop and are looking for reading material because you didn’t leave a magazine nearby and you already read the shampoo and conditioner bottles…But first, a word from our sponsor:  Looking […]

Want to Make Money in Panama? You’ll Need to Do ...

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So…Have you ever been to any fairs in Panama? I just got back from the huge fair in Los Santos, and it was fricken AWESOME! I’ve been to a few fairs in Canada in my time. And a few festive fair events in the United States too, for that matter. They’re relatively the same as fairs in Panama, but there […]

One Thing Canada and The United States Can Learn From ...

Wet Season in Panama has arrived 2
So…it’s the wet season in Panama again –  or rainy season, if you prefer. It’s a sticky situation when the seasons change, literally. Everything seems to stick to you. There is so much more moisture in the air, and meteorologists tell me this increases humidity. But what do I know about weather, I’m just a caveman… Anyway, the winds start to […]

What’s So Great About Wet Season In Panama?

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So…I’m working on a side project with some side people and a side issue came up that made me write a side-note to do a side-blog (I have no idea what that is – really just made that side-blog thing up…I was just kind of going with a “side” based sentence theme thing-a-ma-jig). Anyway, I got to thinking…What could I have done at […]

8 Things You Can Do Before You Move To Prepare ...

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So…I got to thinking about similarities between Panama-land and Canada-land and noticed both countries have a few things in common. Then I got all man-like and wanted to make a competition out of it, but I don’t want to leave the majority of my readers isolated, so I’ve decided to pit America against Canada against Panama in a two-part series I’ll call […]

What Country is Better – Panama, Canada, or America…Part I