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Panama, dude – Season One

Christmas in Panama 4
Twas the night before Christmas in Panama, when all through the land, Many creatures were stirring, like giant crocodiles and turtles in sand; No stockings were hung by a chimney with care, Because, seriously? Panama? There’s no chimneys there; The expats were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of beaches danced in their heads; And Mama with her Sangria, and […]

Twas the Night Before Christmas in Panama

Harold an Kumar Sing Hold On
So…a few weeks ago my wife and I were having “one of those days”. What’s “one of those days”? Well, “one of those days” is when you want to stay in bed and not deal with the frustrations of, well, life abroad I guess. As mentioned in a previous Ocho List about 8 Things to Expect as an Expat, life’s […]

8 Songs That Relate to Living Abroad

tragedy in Pedasi, Panama
So…we entered the last week of November this past..uh…week. November came in like a lion, and went out like a lion, and in between it was quite lamb-like. Side note, I saw a leg of lamb here for almost $70, and it wasn’t even a big leg! And now back to our regularly scheduled program… November Holidays in Panama – Week […]

November Holidays in Panama – Week Four…and then some

fireworks in Panama 5
So…it’s been all quiet on the western front, rather, here in the GPA (Greater Pedasi Area). Some excitement for wifey and me though. We moved from just outside the GPA to the GPA. Now we’re right in the thick of things. Anyway, here’s how the third week of November shaped up. November Holidays in Panama – Week Three   Saturday Nov 15: According […]

November Holidays in Panama – Week Three…the calm before the ...

Picture of a Sac Race in Pedasi 2
So…the party that is November seems to have been put on hiatus for a week or two, maybe? Here’s how the second week of November 2015 played out here in the Azuero. November Holidays in Panama – Week Two Saturday Nov 8: very tranquil in the GPA (Great Pedasi Area). Las Tablas, on the other hand, was party central. Karen Ann […]

November Holidays in Panama – Week Two

picture of a Parade in Pedasi
So…other people have been blogging about the holidays in November here in Panama, and so will I – only as always, with my “lighter side of Panama” spin on it. I’ll break this down into four posts, one for each week of noviembre (that’s November in Spanish). November is a holiday here in Panama. You might be thinking or saying […]

November Holidays in Panama – Week One

image of Family Feud Board 5
So…Last week I wrote the conclusion to “A ridiculous point of view of three countries”. I received some outstanding feedback from one of my readers. They liked my POV that “no country is better than the other…”. They said that they don’t like the complaining people do about their new country and that someone should write a post about… Why […]

8 Things Expats Like About Living in Panama

image of Panama Trophies 4
So…welcome back to round two of “A ridiculous point of view of three countries”. I’m sure the suspense has been killing you and you’ve had many sleepless nights wondering what the outcome will be. Currently, Canada holds a 2-1-1 lead over powerhouse America and underdog Panama with four more grueling competition categories to go. Who will come out on top? […]

What Country is Better – Panama, Canada, or America…Part II

picture of Flags with Red in them 3
So…I got to thinking about similarities between Panama-land and Canada-land and noticed both countries have a few things in common. Then I got all man-like and wanted to make a competition out of it, but I don’t want to leave the majority of my readers isolated, so I’ve decided to pit America against Canada against Panama in a two-part series I’ll call […]

What Country is Better – Panama, Canada, or America…Part I