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Panama, dude – Season One

Panama Burger
So…I’m not really sure how I want to start this post. The food in Panama is…well, it’s kind of like…it could…uhhh…let’s see…I know – Remember when the first time you went to a girlfriend’s (or boyfriend’s) house for dinner with their parents, and they made something that you had no idea what it was, nor did it resemble anything that […]

The Dish On The Food In Panama

picture of Slap Chop Vince 7
Sometimes, learning a new language can bring out a few F words…like FUN…and FRUSTRATING. I’ll focus on the FUN aspect of it. We’re watching tv again. It’s been over two years since we had tv. I can’t say we really missed it, but we’re watching it again because A) it’s here, and 2) we’re trying to pick up some Spanish […]

Getting Lost in Translation?

picture of Diarrhea in Panama 2
I always enjoy lists. I like them even better when they’re not even a logical number. I decided to pick the numero ocho. Don’t know why – just sounds fun in Spanish I guess. And as luck would have it, I had this post pretty much ready to go, and then this f@cker posted his list of 15 tips to […]

8 Things to Expect as an Expat in Panama

picture of Christmas Story Stuck scene
Where we live, there’s a there was a teak forest right beside our front porch. Apparently, in the dry season all the leaves would fall and blow over into our yard and become a three foot tall snow drift-like pile of leaves. I can only imagine how much that must suck to have to rake all the teak leaves – they’re […]

Who Needs TV With Entertainment Like This!

picture of Billy Madison going Back to School
Back to school, Back to school, So when I speak Spanish I don’t sound like a fool. Looking at all our friends and family’s Facebook comments back home, I have a hunch that the kiddies went back to school this week. I’m so happy Facebook wasn’t around when I was a kid to capture those Kodak moments. My family wasn’t exactly keeping up with […]

Hey, It’s Back to School Time!

Funny, in the first 37 years of my life living in Canada, the most exotic and obscure wildlife I think I saw was a praying mantis. I guess I’d seen a bear in the far off distance too, or it could have been a rock. Are Elk considered exotic or obscure? I came face to face with one of those […]

The Wildlife in Panama is…Wild

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I remember reading a great line once: Believe half of what you see, and nothing of what you hear. I can’t remember who said/wrote it – and I’m either too lazy to google it or I’m starting to fit in. Regardless, that line can easily apply to some advice about Panama you’ll receive too – so that’s not a typo in the […]

Some Advice About Advice About Panama

We arrived for our first day in Panama as new people. That’s not a label, like when Arsenio Hall used to say “These people over here…these people over here are new people…give it up, for the new people”! It’s nothing like that at all (if that’s where your thought process was taking you)…I digress… We’re new people in that we’ve […]

Arriving in Panama as a New Person – And a ...