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Season five of PanamaDude

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So…it just dawned on me (no it hasn’t, that’s a lie). I’ve been out of North America for over a year and a half now. Haven’t even been back for a border run. But being in Panama City is really like being in any major US or Canadian city. There’s plenty of options for: places to eat shopping urine smells on […]

Reverse Culture Shock – A Return to North America

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Carnaval Panama 2016 is fast approaching. If you are new in town, this is a great way to meet new people and experience one of the most anticipated events of the year while indulging in some of the local culture. Every expat has to experience Carnaval Panama at least once, and whether this will be your first, fourth, or fourteenth, here are […]

8 Do’s and Don’ts For Carnaval Panama

Panama Quiz
So…you’ve lived in Panama for over six months. You no longer sweat during conversations, but your dream of becoming a Pulitzer prize winning blogger has fizzled, or you discovered they don’t give Puli’s to bloggers (nor do they refer to them as Puli’s). But hey, when it comes to Panama, you know your $#!T, right? Or do you? Take the Panama […]

Think You Know Panama? Take the Panama Quiz!

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So…as we enjoy all the places the city has to offer, we find ourselves at Albrook Mall quite a bit, but rarely to buy stuff, more to grab a bus or the metro to elsewhere in the city. But we did get to experience some Black Friday fun a few weeks ago. At any rate, if you find yourself at Albrook, […]

8 Things To Do at Albrook Mall in Panama (instead ...

Climbing up on Ancon Hill 2
Doooo, doo, doo, doo… Climbing up on Solsbury Ancon Hill I could see the city light Wind was blowing, time stood still Eagle flew out of the night Okay, so you know the song Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel above? Let’s play a game, every time you see the phrase “Climbing up on Ancon Hill” you sing it like the […]

Climbing up on Ancon Hill!