Season Two

sixaola border crossing 5
So…we had to do our border run a few weeks ago. If you’re doing one, I highly recommend crossing at Sixaola, Costa Rica. Why? Read on dudes… We live in Pedasi, so doing our first border run was going to be a chore regardless of how/where/when we went. Since we had the time, we opted to make a vacation out of it. […]

Looking for Adventure in Panama? Cross the Border to Costa ...

Ralphie Eats Soap
So…I know what you’re thinking, “Dude, this isn’t an Ocho List”…Nope, it’s a veinte y ocho list. That’s like, 20 times better than an Ocho list. Anyway, a few weeks ago Miguel Largo had a post about 125 Spanish words that can help you in Panama. I thought to myself; “Self, you should do a post about DIRTY words that can help you […]

28 Spanish Swear Words And How to Use Them

Cameron Frye in Bed
So…you know what a man cold is, right? If you don’t, you should probably YouTube it. Easier yet, here’s a link. And if you’re too lazy to click a link or don’t want to waste your data and/or your precious Panamanian bandwidth, a man cold is a very,very,very horrible cold…caught only by men…all over the world. It lays us up. […]

Got a Man Cold in Panama?

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So…we’ve had a couple of episodes where, sometimes, things get Lost in Translation. This latest incident wasn’t really a translation thing, per se, but more of a…misunderstanding of dialect (I think). Unless it’s normal for neighborhood kids to want to eat your toilet? Okay, so to elaborate, my wife and I moved into town almost a month ago, and we live […]

What To Do When Your Neighbors Want To Eat Your ...

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So…as I flood Facebook with my weekly posts in hopes that I’ll someday make as many friends as Tom on MySpace, I thought it would be good to advise the world about some fellow bloggers that have some great posts about living in Panama. These posts are all great blog posts about Panama and each post will provide insight into […]

8 Blog Posts About Panama You Should Read

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So…you want to know what Christmas in Pedasi, Panama is like? Christmas in Pedasi Well, Christmas in Pedasi is pretty green, and there are a lot less lights. Just like back home though, there are parades, shopping, Santa and baby Jesuses. I bet you thought Santa was a big fat white guy with a grey/white beard? Haha, to quote my […]

Christmas in Pedasi, Panama – PanamaDude Style