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Bocas sucks 1
So…I thought I’d provide my readers, list-lovers, sarcasm worshipers, and anyone else looking for a good time whose name isn’t already written in a bathroom stall in some dirty interstate truck-stop, with an Ocho list of things you can do to make Bocas del Toro not suck. Failure to do any of these 8 things will probably result in you […]

8 Things You Can Do To Make Bocas Del Toro ...

Speed bus in Panama 1
So…need to take a bus somewhere in Panama? Here’s some tips on how to make the journey much more fun, and interesting, and…uh…fun. As you may recall from a previous episode, my wife and I just did a border run at Sixaola, and in doing so, we rode many a bus from our hometown of Pedasi. Sometimes you get lucky […]

8 Tips For Taking The Bus In Panama

Ralphie Eats Soap
So…I know what you’re thinking, “Dude, this isn’t an Ocho List”…Nope, it’s a veinte y ocho list. That’s like, 20 times better than an Ocho list. Anyway, a few weeks ago Miguel Largo had a post about 125 Spanish words that can help you in Panama. I thought to myself; “Self, you should do a post about DIRTY words that can help you […]

28 Spanish Swear Words And How to Use Them

Panama Blogs 1
So…as I flood Facebook with my weekly posts in hopes that I’ll someday make as many friends as Tom on MySpace, I thought it would be good to advise the world about some fellow bloggers that have some great posts about living in Panama. These posts are all great blog posts about Panama and each post will provide insight into […]

8 Blog Posts About Panama You Should Read

Harold an Kumar Sing Hold On
So…a few weeks ago my wife and I were having “one of those days”. What’s “one of those days”? Well, “one of those days” is when you want to stay in bed and not deal with the frustrations of, well, life abroad I guess. As mentioned in a previous Ocho List about 8 Things to Expect as an Expat, life’s […]

8 Songs That Relate to Living Abroad

image of Family Feud Board 5
So…Last week I wrote the conclusion to “A ridiculous point of view of three countries”. I received some outstanding feedback from one of my readers. They liked my POV that “no country is better than the other…”. They said that they don’t like the complaining people do about their new country and that someone should write a post about… Why […]

8 Things Expats Like About Living in Panama

picture of Diarrhea in Panama 2
I always enjoy lists. I like them even better when they’re not even a logical number. I decided to pick the numero ocho. Don’t know why – just sounds fun in Spanish I guess. And as luck would have it, I had this post pretty much ready to go, and then this f@cker posted his list of 15 tips to […]

8 Things to Expect as an Expat in Panama