Christmas in Panama

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas in Panama 2

So…it’s here. Lights are up. Trees are decorated. Festivities are upon us. Clearly, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Panama City.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Disney coming to Panama for a Christmas Parade (oh, and here’s the route along with closures). The advertising for this event wasn’t well…advertised, but the back of the metro buses have it, so that’s good, cuz bus advertising always works 😐

We also just had Black Friday in Panama to officially kick off the “holiday shopping season”. A friend posted this video of a mall opening:

To add to the Christmas in Panama scene, there weren’t just Black Friday deals this past Friday, there were “Black Friday Weekend” and “Black Friday WEEK” sales. But as our friend Ana Hilarski put it; “I don`t need to buy stuff the stores couldn’t sell during the year”. And it’s true. We found ourselves at Albrook (again, I know) to grab some swimming goggles and the stuff being offered on sale wasn’t exactly awesome. But that’s how it is back in Canada too. Only we’re kinda dumb. We don’t have “Black Friday” per se (although it has crept north of the border). Instead we have Boxing Day which is the day after Christmas, and everything that didn’t sell goes on sale that day…yup…we wait until AFTER Christmas for our big blowout sale!

And that brings us to this week’s Christmas in Panama festivities update:

There’s a free concert called Carols By Candlelight / Luces de Navidad, which is also a fundraising event put on by the CanadaPLUS Club – I think to make up for our poorly planned Boxing Day sales 🙂

The concert is on the Cinta Costera on Saturday December 12th at 6:30pm, so…8pm 😛 but seriously, 6:30pm is the alleged start time.

It’s a free concert but reserved seating starts at $15, and you get an LED candle too, because it’s carols by candlelight! Proceeds go to a good cause, so ante up. For more info on this event you can email them at (that’s “carols”, not “Carlos”). Or you can call 6619-6890. Or you can visit their Facebook page (link above).

This post was brought to you by old-school emoticons… 🙂 🙁 😛 😉

Later Dudes!


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