Climbing up on Ancon Hill

Climbing up on Ancon Hill! 2

Doooo, doo, doo, doo…
Climbing up on Solsbury Ancon Hill
I could see the city light
Wind was blowing, time stood still
Eagle flew out of the night

Okay, so you know the song Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel above? Let’s play a game, every time you see the phrase “Climbing up on Ancon Hill” you sing it like the Peter Gabriel song lyrics; “Climbing up on Solsbury Hill“. Heck, turn it into a drinking game like Roxanne. Fun right? Ready?

Okay, there were no eagles when were Climbing Up on Ancon Hill, just vultures. And we went in the morning because they won’t let you go Climbing Up on Ancon Hill at night, but Climbing Up on Ancon Hill was a pretty cool trek and should be added to the must-see places to visit in Panama City.

Living in Clayton, whenever we would walk the dog (not the yo-yo trick, an actual dog we walk), we could see Ancon Hill and the towers that decorate it’s peak. For the past six weeks we’ve said “we should really go Climbing Up on Ancon Hill”. But we never did, until recently when we made a point to go…

Climbing Up on Ancon Hill

We parked outside the gate (for free) and walked a few flights of stairs then started Climbing Up on Ancon Hill”s  meandering road to the top. And once we go to the top we were greeted by this amazing view:

Ancon Hill Cell Tower

Beauty view, eh?

Wait, not that view, this view:

Ancon HIll view
Much better view of city after…Climbing up on Ancon Hill

Because we went early in the day there was a bit of a haze over Casco Viejo, so I suggest if you want pictures from above then try Climbing Up on Ancon Hill a little later in the day. But fair warning, it’ll be much, much, hotter – like more sweat than Richard Simmons Sweating into the Oldies. Is that guy still alive?

It was nice to see so many people Climbing Up on Ancon Hill though. People were going for a morning walk, jog, or cycle. And some Panamanian recruits were doing their morning march and calisthenics thing too.

I probably wouldn’t drive up, mostly because I like the exercise coupled with the added bonus of being able to wear a shirt that’s one color when I start my walk, and a darker, wetter shade of the same color when I finish said walk. But seriously, it’s a winding road with people all over the place, and with many signs telling us Canadians to wear our toques.

Ancon Hill signage
Nice toque, eh?

Or for drivers to toot their horns 🙂

There are a few platforms at the top of Ancon Hill where those coin operated binoculars would be ideal, only there weren’t any there. I’m not sure if they were once there and have since been removed, or if there’s a plan to install them manana. I hope it’s the latter because there are some cool views of the original canal, the expansion, Casco, the Cinta, and the PC skyline as well.

View of Panama Canal from Ancon Hill
Pretty cool that you can see the Rey from Ancon Hill.

But I do think a great idea would be to build a lookout platform on said cell towers and charge a few bucks to go up on said platforms. The panoramic views of the city would be amazing. And think of the rewarding view after…Climbing Up on Ancon Hill.

Leaf found on Ancon Hill
My heart going boom, boom, boom

Stayed tuned for next week’s episode where we continue with a Peter Gabriel theme and Shock the Monkey.

Later Dudes!


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