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Is Disney Coming to Panama? Apparently! 7

Hey kids, did you hear about Disney coming to Panama?

So…as some of you know, Cheli and I just returned from a nine week house sit in Nicaragua (plus three fun nights of R&R at Gran Pacifica Resort). But on our return flight to Panama, Cheli was reading Copa’s Panorama magazine and noticed an article within – an article informing us about Disney coming to Panama – how cool is that!

Rocking Snow White

Rock on Snow White!

Okay, so here’s the lo-down. Evidently, the Disney Magic Moments crew will be putting on a parade in Panama City on December 6th, 2015. All (well, most) of your favorite Disney characters will be sweating it up in their costumes under the intense Panama City heat to make thousands of children happy. That’s some sacrificing right there!

Parade Dwarves

Can you name all 7 Dwarves…in Spanish?

Here’s the 5-W Deets on Disney Panama:

When: December 6th. What time? Come on now, this is Panama, parades don’t start on time anyway! UPDATE: Parade starts at 1pm…ojalá.

Where: Cinta Costera, Panama City.

What: Disney’s Magic Moments Parade

Who: The Disney Magic Moments cast and crew, who else!

Why: Because it’s Disney, dudes!

Check out Mickey, Goofy, Donald and the rest of the Disney dudes. Bring your kids. Or find your inner child and just have a good time! And if you’re looking for a bit more “meat n’ potatoes”  info about the event, here’s Panorama’s online article. Really haven’t heard much else about this event otherwise, which is kind of too bad. So spread the word about Disney coming to Panama City!

Bring plenty of water, your para sol, and of course your camera to capture some magic moments!

Hope to see you there!

Later Dudes!




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