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Poppin’ Tags at the Granada Market 4

Well…we made it to Nicaragua, land of lakes and volcanoes. Hazaa! And our flight was early, too. Hazaa!

Mangos in a bag

Manbag? Bango? M2G?

Anyway, we got picked up, went for groceries, and then discussed the deets with the home owners at our new house sit overlooking Laguna de Apoyo. And then the first day without our homeowners my laptop keyboard totally effed up. The QWERTY row was typing numbers as well as letters, and the numlock was totally screwed too.

As always, I try to put a positive spin on things, so…this muck-up with my keyboard allowed us to venture into Granada to get a USB keyboard (for $9 US if you’re wondering). We took a quick tour of a local hotel/spa, made note of a few doctor type places and bought a mango in a bag (for $0.37 US if you’re wondering). Digression alert – what do you think sounds better; manbag (mango in a bag) or bango (bag o’mango) or M2G (Mango to go)?

Okay, so after our mango treat we walked to the market. Evidently, the Granada market is open every day, which is awesome, because it eliminates potential conversations like this:

YOU: Hey, is the market open on today?

So at the market, they have vendors of all shapes and sizes vending things of all shapes and sizes. Shoes, hats, shirts, fish, chicken, pork, apples, bananas, oranges, carrots, potatoes, more mangos, cucumbers, Romaine lettuce…and donuts, which we bought two of ($0.37 US if you’re wondering). It’s a pretty neat thing to experience. There are many sights and smells and the market is set up on a few streets, which we covered almost all of.

I think our haul was pretty good. We got a $#!Tload of veggies ($6.78 US for everything, if you’re wondering). Really, there are more deals here than Macklemore’s Thrift Shop (and yes, I’ve referenced this song before).

4 carrots – C$24 or $0.88 US
3 avocados – C$60 or $2.20 US
2 cucumbers – C$10 or $0.37 US
bag of 28 roma tomatoes – C$20 or $0.74 US
1 pineapple – C$20 or $0.74 US
4 red peppers – C$20 or $0.74 US
Lettuce – C$10 or $0.37 US
3 mangoes – C$20 or $0.74 US

Picture of the Granada Market

I can only imagine this place on Black Friday!

With keyboard and veggies in hand, we had a successful first visit into Granada town, save one thing…still not sure if we should call it manbag or bango or M2G!

Later Dudes!

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4 thoughts on “Poppin’ Tags at the Granada Market

  • Barbara Schutt

    You had mentioned that veggies and fruit were hard to find in Pedasi or at least expensive. That would be tough for us as we are fish eating vegetarians (pescatarian?) But I hear in Boquette, David, area that they are plentiful. Your shopping haul looks good!

    • Panama Dude

      Fish a plenty, but fruit and veg are seasonal. Lots of tomatoes, mangos, pineapple and watermelon when in season. Veg seemed to be carrots, cucumbers, cabbage of various quality depending on what time of year. There’s a dude that grows Hydroponic romaine lettuce which was amazing. There are choices, but sometimes it can be slim-pickings. It gets really dry out that way in dry season.

      Boquette has a better climnate for growing, as does El Valle. Both will ship their produce to either David or Panama City. And Panama City has everything you’ll want. Fresh fish, fruits, veggies, restaurants…

      Panama is a great country with lots to see and do. If anything you have to visit if you haven’t already.