Panama City Cultural Events You Won’t Want to Miss

So…we’re city slickers now. We just finished up a three week house sit in The Right Hand…or Arraijan as it’s known to everyone else. Some friends have graciously allowed us to stay at their condo in the city, and it’s awesome, because we get to enjoy some of the Panama City cultural events the city has to offer that the interior doesn’t.

Gastronomica Panama

Look at how much fun everyone had!

Living in the interior has culture, don’t get me wrong. With desfile after desfile from October through New Year’s, it’s ripe with culture. But that culture seems to be more…traditional, whereas the culture in the city tends to be more…modern???

Take Gastronomica for example. This is a showcase event for restaurants and winemakers alike. It was an awesome event, with awesome food and awesome beverages (not just booze, I had a really nice cup of water there too).

I love events like this because I get to practice my Spanish too. And wouldn’t you know it, the vendors practice their English with me.

How is this a cultural event? Food is part of culture dudes. And Panama City’s food scene is in great shape with these chefs.

A day after Gastronimoca we ventured down to the Cinta Costera. That’s not cultural you say? Oh? Really? You sure? Fish market anyone? Want more question marks?

The fish market is something to experience for anyone visiting, passing by, or living in Panama – if not for the odors of commerce and fish guts, then for the ample amounts of ceviche offered by the ample amount of vendors. And you gotta love their hustle as you walk by and they thrust a menu in your general direction, offering their ample amount of ceviche and ample amount of ales all the while admiring the ample aroma of atun all around, eh!

Fish market Panama

Ceviche anyone?

Oprah is Coming to Panama!

But as our week in the city winds down, we now get to partake in another Panama City cultural event – Oprah! That’s right, Oprah is coming to town and we have tickets…that’s pretty cool I think. I can only imagine what will be hiding under our seats? A new car? Copa tickets to anywhere in the world? And it will be great to have someone with such star power promoting Panama as a destination for – just a sec, my wife keeps reading over my shoulder and laughing…

Okay, so…evidently Oprah isn’t coming to town and I am going to The Opera.

Later Dudes!


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