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So…I love this time of year. I get excited and anxious. Why? Read on dudes…read………………………………on.

In case you haven’t heard…mayor league baseball in Panama has started. And I’m not talking about Grapefruit League or Cactus League action back in North America. I’m talking about Panama’s Major League baseball season – Beisbol Nacional dudes…that’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout Willis.

In case you didn’t know…I love baseball, and so do many Panamanians.  Coincidence? Fully Completely (that one’s for you Tragically Hip fans back in Canada).

In case you haven’t seen…the majority of Panamanians wear New York Yankees caps (because of Panamanian National Treasure, Mariano Rivera). I hate the Yank-me’s. And the Bosox too…those guys-ah fahkin kweeahs. This paragraph is irrelevant. I just had to point it out.

Okay, anyway, baseball in Panama has two leagues. The juveniles just finished their season, which saw Panama Metro defeat Los Santos 4 games to 2. From what I’ve seen on tv, the crowd is boisterous and constantly making noise. Check out this vid of the juveniles getting pumped up before game 6, awesome!


But now it’s time for Panama’s major leagues to take centre stage. I can’t wait to get to a game.

So in honor of baseball season starting, here’s a quick hit-list of things you should bring to the ballgame:

Money. Aside from the obvious of needing to buy your tickets, you may also want to buy things like a hat, shirts, food, beer (of course) and maybe one of those foam fingers you put on your hand to show your team is clearly #1.

Friends and/or Family. Yeah, you could be that person that goes to a ballgame themselves, wears the headphones and everything…but you should know (and baseball fans around the world do), this guy went to a Cubs playoff game by himself and he’s never been the same since:

Poor Steve Bartman. Maybe if he went to the game with friends they could have held him back!

Poor Steve Bartman. Maybe if he went to the game with friends they could have held him back!

Team Spirit. Clap your hands, shout, whistle, yell, whatever you can do, don’t just sit there, just cheer on the home team. People back home say baseball is boring. Yeah, cuz you’re making it boring! If it’s a 3-2 count, get claping! Cheer…do your part to get the home team pumped!

A glove. This one is usually reserved for the kiddies, because ya kinda’ look like a bit of a goof if you’re an adult and you bring your glove…unless you’re with your kid(s), then you’re a pretty cool parent.

There are some rules of etiquette when it comes to catching a ball in the stands:

  • Don’t reach over a kid to catch it, let the little dude try to make a play on it.
  • If you catch one, you have two options; If you’re on your first date, you give it to the girl. Otherwise, you give it to a kid. And not a kid that could catch one on his own, or a kid that runs around the stands trying to grab every foul ball…give it to a kid that’s just enjoying the show, smacking their glove hoping a ball comes their way.
  • If the opposing team hits a home run and you catch the ball, you MUST throw the ball back onto the field. Why? Because the ball is clearly defective and not to major league standards.

And don’t forget to pay attention to the game. Bats can fly out of batters’ hands, foul balls can come out of nowhere, and there may be a pitcher like Nuke LaLoosh out there too…

Bull Durham - Throw it at the bull

Pay attention!


So as the song goes…Take me out to the ballgame…seriously, I don’t have a car yet, someone, PLEASE, take me out to a ball game! And if you see me at a game…buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks…and by crackerjacks I mean a beer.

Oh, and here’s the Panama Major League Baseball schedule for 2015 so you too can check out some baseball in Panama.

Later Dudes!

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