Losing an Expat

So…we received some terrible news this past weekend. One of the expats in our small town of Pedasi passed away on Saturday.

His name was Dean Bozen, better known as Dino. This guy was truly a character, and he will be missed.

On Saturday, my wife and I were with the owners of Casa Lajagua, having some beers on the beach and shooting the $#!T. We noticed Dino’s bike was parked beside the cantina. We thought nothing of it as Dino would go walking on the beach for hours at a time. Several hours later, Craig (aforementioned owner) received a call from the cantina saying the bike was still there. Craig immediately went on Facebook and asked if anyone had seen Dino. He also took to his four wheeler to search the beach. Others joined in the search, but when Dino was found it was too late, he had drowned. He was found near the mouth of the Pedasi River around 9:30pm.

As mentioned, Dino was a great character. I mean, who goes to the bar in their underwear? Well, Dino did! Dressed in his Hulk Hogan Halloween costume. Sadly, he didn’t even win first place and all he got was a ribbon that said “Last F@cking Place”.

Stop looking at my junk.  (photo courtesy Piera Photography).

Photo courtesy Piera Photography.

Every morning Dino would post a picture of a sunrise on Facebook – be it one he took that very minute, or if it was raining, one from the “archives”, as he put it. Oh, and did I mention he was the “Hedonism Quality Control Expert” at Playa Arenal?

Along with his pics he would usually offer a tidbit of advice or a short story to make you remember how precious life is. One time he posted something about when it’s his time, he hopes people go down and watch a sunrise and say “I’m gonna miss that stupid f@ckers pictures”.

I only knew Dino for four months, and I can count the conversations I’ve had with him on both hands. Actually, I recall one where I asked what kind of camera he took his sunrise pics with. He told me (and showed me) his phone, which IIRC was a Samsung like mine. Thereafter he went through the tech-specs on his phone, but my eyes glossed over because I recall thinking “Wow, this guy takes these amazing photos with HIS PHONE? Imagine what he could do with a REAL camera!”. But that wasn’t Dino. He didn’t want recognition for his photos, he just wanted to take a photo of a nice sunrise and share his thoughts at that time. And you know what…I’m gonna miss that stupid f@ckers pictures.

Dino’s family has travelled to Panama to deal with this tragedy. As expats, we have lost a member of our family. As expats, we can also help. Local businesses here have offered up food and lodging, but Dino’s family doesn’t have much and could really use some help.

To aid Dino’s family with expenses, donations are being collected locally by John Brock (Smiley’s Restaurant), and Kimberly Higgins as well. To do what I can to help, I have added a PayPal “donate” button to my blog at the top right of this post and I will forward all donations received to Kimberly or John.

If you can spare a buck or two, or twenty,$#!T anything – anything at all, I’m sure the Bozen family would truly appreciate it.

Rest in peace Dino…Later Dude!

dino photo

How could you not like a guy that takes sunrise pics like this…with his phone…WHAT!


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