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November Holidays in Panama – Week Three…the calm before the storm? 5

So…it’s been all quiet on the western front, rather, here in the GPA (Greater Pedasi Area). Some excitement for wifey and me though. We moved from just outside the GPA to the GPA. Now we’re right in the thick of things. Anyway, here’s how the third week of November shaped up.

November Holidays in Panama – Week Three

Santa Catalina


Saturday Nov 15: According to the poster there was supposed to be some things happening in Limon, but we didn’t see or hear anything!

Sunday Nov 16: A very small “parade”…or as I’ve since learned…Paseo de la Virgen del pueblo de Virgen Santa Catalina…Yeah, I’m not even gonna go there.  

Monday Nov 17: It was moving day for my wife and I. We heard some fireworks to welcome us to our new neighborhood too. I don’t think there was a real reason for them, other than maybe because someone had some fireworks…and if you have them…well, might as well set them off, right? I’ll never understand it, nor do I really try to. Some of these people live hand-to-mouth in tin shacks, yet they’ll spend $20 on fireworks. It’s not my conundrum to understand, it is what it is, and if it gives them joy and helps contribute to them being the “Happiest Country on Earth”, so be it. However, what I REALLY don’t understand, and something that someone can hopefully explain to me…why, Why, WHY do people set off fireworks in broad daylight when you can’t see them? This isn’t just a Latin American thing. I recall people doing this back home in Canada too – and I’m sure it happens in America as well.

Tuesday Nov 18: Over my Monday fireworks rant. Enjoying a rainy day in Pedasi and that’s about it for today.

Wednesday Nov 19: See Tuesday.

Thursday Nov 20: People walking around with umbrella’s all morning as they celebrate the rain, or people are just trying to keep dry.

Friday Nov 21: I think this is the calm before the storm here. Our new neighbour was saying there’s a party on the 25th, and Independence Day (from Spain) is on the 28th. I have a feeling things are about to get wilder than…uh…Gene Wilder…stay tuned!


And in case you missed what’s happened so far…here’s Week 1 and Week 2…enjoy!

Later Dudes


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