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November Holidays in Panama – Week Four…and then some

So…we entered the last week of November this past..uh…week. November came in like a lion, and went out like a lion, and in between it was quite lamb-like. Side note, I saw a leg of lamb here for almost $70, and it wasn’t even a big leg! And now back to our regularly scheduled program…

November Holidays in Panama – Week Four


Church-tube steak anyone?

Church-tube steak anyone?

Saturday Nov 22: Friday night there were some great Fireworks from the church. And man, these guys take their church pretty seriously – check it out, hot dog vendors right outside. I was looking for the peanuts/crackerjack person but no luck. As for Saturday here in the GPA, things were still tranquillo in the pueblo.

Sunday Nov 23: Just another Sunday in the GPA.

Monday Nov 24: Night time –  Prossesion de Santa Catalina. Mucho fireworks-os. I didn’t get to see all of them. We were watching Wolf of Wall Street (great flick btw) and went to bed sometime shortly after 10pm. Around 10:45pm we were awoken by the fireworks. At first I thought it was the typical drill – set off a few bangers and carry on…not on this night. It had been going on for three or four minutes when I decided to get out of bed and have a look, but just my luck, I could only see the flashes of lights. I put on some shorts (no need to traumatize the neighbors) then I grabbed the keys to our front door…why would I need keys to open my front door if I was already inside, you ask? Because instead of a typical deadbolt latch, we have a double-sided key for the deadbolt, so yes, we can lock ourselves in. I digress. I fumbled for the keys in the dark, tried them in the door, but just my luck, I grabbed the keys for the bedroom doors (I have no explanation as to why we have keys for the bedrooms, they came with the place). So, I went back to the key hook to grab the proper keys, opened the door, stood out on the driveway just in time to see the very last firework explode. It made my night and I went to bed more peaceful then Ralphie (A Christmas Story) with his Red Ryder BB Gun.

Tuesday Nov 25: Had a mime-versation with our neighbor about what was going on last night, and tonight for that matter. She spoke while I tried to understand her. She made hand gestures and mimed things, I made that stupid face when you finally understand something…you know, this one…

Oh I get it

Oh, I get it now!

Anyway, our neighbour told us about a party that costs $5 to get in, evidently a popular Panamanian band was playing, problem was, it POURED rain pretty much all day and only tapered off around 9pm, and around 9:30pm the power went out – evidently a landslide took out two electrical posts. Well, that didn’t deter the locals, they enjoyed the show…I took a pass. Oh, and it was garbage day today, but they never picked it up.

Wednesday Nov 26: Drying out from buckets of rain. Another mellow day, still no power…or garbage pick-up for that matter.

Thursday Nov 27: American Thanksgiving. Or “Thursday” to the rest of the world. Thankfully, everyone had power to cook up their turkey’s. My wife went into the city to meet her friend, and I waited for the garbage to be picked up, which it wasn’t. I then pondered if there was some sort of incident the garbage men were involved in, like in the movie “Men at Work” starring Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, where they play two garbage men and discover a body in a trash can and go about solving the mystery a la David Hasselhoff in Baywatch, or any other Hollywood plot where they take someone in an ordinary job, throw in illegal activity witnessed by said ordinary person to create conflict…ordinary person becomes hero solving said illegal activity….boom, hit B-movie. Sorry, I like to digress sometimes.

Friday Nov 28: Woa. This one’s gonna get nasty. Independence Day from Spain. Also happened to be a busy “Black Friday” in Panama City (and all across America too), but the people here weren’t trampling/attacking one another for “stuff” like we see in Murica.




Oh, and garbage got picked up, woot!

There were some nighttime fireworks here in the GPA, but I didn’t venture out cuz I ate something that didn’t sit well…but it made me sit, that’s for sure…Other towns, such as Boquete, did have parades though.

It also appears the dry season is making it’s way into town. Winds have shifted directions, and well, it’s pretty windy.

Saturday Nov 29: My wife returned from the city with her friend from Canada and we toured around the GPA. There was a rodeo in town, which was kind of cool, but they wanted $5 to get in. Now, we’re on a budget, and sometimes we splurge, but this wasn’t going to be one of the things we splurged from…And judging by the number of Panamanians standing outside, we weren’t the only ones that thought $5 was a little rich to get drunk and watch a guy dance with a red blanket and a bull. There was lots of Seco and beer being sold though!

Sunday Nov 30: The last day of November and a group of us all went to Isla Canas for an amazing day at the beach. At night in the GPA, it was pretty tranquillo again and tomorrow, Monday, December 1st, is a day off for many. Might as well start off December right, right?

Well, there you have it…November in the Panamanian Interior from a sarcastic POV (that means point of view). Don’t forget to “like” PanamaDude on Facebook and stay tuned for next week’s episode…8 Songs That Relate to Living Abroad.

Later Dudes!



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