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November Holidays in Panama – Week One

So…other people have been blogging about the holidays in November here in Panama, and so will I – only as always, with my “lighter side of Panama” spin on it. I’ll break this down into four posts, one for each week of noviembre (that’s November in Spanish).

November is a holiday here in Panama. You might be thinking or saying to yourself, “November what?”. Well, that’s just it – pretty much all of November is a holiday. Sure, there’s some workdays scattered in there, but November in Panama is like December in Canada – $#!T just doesn’t get done.

November Holidays in Panama – Week One

Saturday Nov 1: It’s the day before the parties start  – somewhat of a tranquillo day. Some set up of beer tents, but not a lot of activity.

Is Brat Pitt trying to imitate Zoolander's Blue Steel?

Brad Pitt going with Zoolander’s Blue Steel?

Sunday Nov 2: It’s Sunday – Día de Muertos, or Día de Difuntos…Day of the Dead . And no, this isn’t some Apocolyptic Zombie Day where Brad Pitt plays a stay-at-home dad turned Zombie-killing machine ….It’s a day where family spends time together. There were a lot of people at the beaches havin’ a time, or just relaxin’ on their porch remembering their loved ones.  Oh, and there were no alcohol sales allowed until…

Monday Nov 3: Early Monday morning right after midnight, things start flowing again and the party goes into full effect to celebrate the country’s separation from Colombia in 1903 after the 1000 days war, so it goes. There was a parade in the morning – we missed it. But we did catch some afternoon festivities where kids were playing games in the streets. One kid won a bike – lucky dude…I had to pay a Chino $125 for my piece of crap King Bike!

Winner wins a bicycle!!! Wonder what "Participant" wins?

Winner wins a bicycle!!! What does “Participant” get???

Antonio Banderas day in Panama! Flags for Everyone!

Tuesday Nov 4: After a night of partying, there’s another morning parade to celebrate Día de la Bandera. That’s right, Day of Antonio Banderas. Actually, it’s just Flag Day. Quick quiz….Panamanians like: A) Parades. B) Flags. C) Seco. D) All of the Above.  See end of post for answer.

Wednesday, Nov 5: Time to celebrate Colon Day – where everyone clears their colon’s with seco to prepare for colonoscopies. Okay, rumor has it some people paid off the Colombian Military in the city of Colon (pronounced Co-Loan) to not fight back against the Panamanian separation movement – hence Colon Day …so it goes. Pretty mellow here in Pedasi from what I can gather. Was informed the road back to the city was pretty busy. Probably an Antonio Banderas sighting there.

Thursday Nov 6: It’s the Anniversary for me and my wife, so Panama decides to take a day off of partying and goes back to “work”. Jaja…as much “work” that can get done after partying all week, that is.

Friday Nov 7: Day after my anniversary, last day of a crazy “work week”, and Taco Day at Restaurante Smiley’s.

Well that’s week one of November in Panama. Stay tuned for Week Two – with fun-filled days like November 10th – “Shout Panama” Day, and November 9th (Shout Panama Day Eve???).

Happy Colon Day!

Happy Colon Day!

Oh, and if you guessed “D” on the quick quiz, congratulations, you’re smarter than a 5th grader…Evidently Fear was Not a Factor for You…and so forth.

Want more information about November holidays in Panama? Check out Week 2.

Later Dudes!


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