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November Holidays in Panama – Week Two 2

So…the party that is November seems to have been put on hiatus for a week or two, maybe? Here’s how the second week of November 2015 played out here in the Azuero.

November Holidays in Panama – Week Two

Saturday Nov 8: very tranquil in the GPA (Great Pedasi Area). Las Tablas, on the other hand, was party central. Karen Ann Miles, writer over at In Da Campo has a good write up about “Shout” day and some amazing pictures of the parade in Las Tablas as well.

Sunday Nov 9: fairly tranquil in the GPA, but Monday is a holiday, so the bars were pumping tunes early and the drinks were flowing…uhh…early. As you can see my vocabulary is expanding by leaps and bounds here.

Monday Nov 10: Shout Day, or better known as Shout of Independence at La Villa de Los Santos – where everyone in Panama stops and collectively sings…

You know you make me wanna SHOUT!
Kick my heels up and SHOUT!
Throw my hands up and SHOUT!
Sep-arate from Spain and SHOUT…

Okay, so the real story behind “Shout” is that it’s to celebrate the initial “Shout” for Panama to become independent from Spain. We drove through Los Santos on Monday and caught a bit of the parade…here’s an amazing pic I got of it…




Tuesday Nov 11: garbage day here in the GPA. Some people got their garbage picked up last week. We were not those people. There were a few holidays so we were not surprised. We compost a lot, and our garbage would probably smell pretty rank if we put our shrimp shells in there, but here’s an AMAZING TRICK my wife learned from her mom…when you’re done peeling the shells…let’s say on Wednesday, but garbage day isn’t until next Tuesday, just put the shells in the freezer until garbage day rolls around so you don’t stink up the joint. This works for other shells or bones too…the only problem was it didn’t get picked up today 🙁

Wednesday Nov 12: things are basically running as normal. Our garbage was even picked up…hazaa!

Thursday Nov 13: things are basically running as normal (wow, talk about lazy writing eh?)

Friday Nov 14: seems to be the start of just another weekend here in the GPA, fairly tranquillo…and it’s Taco Day again at Restaurante Smiley’s here in Pedasi.
Later Dudes

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2 thoughts on “November Holidays in Panama – Week Two

  • Richard

    Shrimp shells, good idea. When I was a kid growing up on Cape Cod in the mid ’50s nearly everyone took their own garbage to the town dump themselves. There was burnable trash and garbage. The garbage can was kept in a hole in the ground with a lid on it. We didn’t eat a lot of shrimp up there. Our big shellfish was lobster. And there was a little bit of showmanship involved in dealing with lobster shell disposal. You would always try to have your lobster the day or so AFTER your last visit to the dump. That way, the next time you went and tossed the garbage on the pile the lobster shells would be on top and all the other town residents could be envious of how well you’d been feeding yourself.