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One Thing Canada and The United States Can Learn From Fairs in Panama

So…Have you ever been to any fairs in Panama? I just got back from the huge fair in Los Santos, and it was fricken AWESOME!

I’ve been to a few fairs in Canada in my time. And a few festive fair events in the United States too, for that matter. They’re relatively the same as fairs in Panama, but there was one glaring difference. What? Well I’m glad you asked!

What North America Can Learn from Fairs in Panama

Okay, so when you get to the fair, you’re excited and giddy with, well, EXCITEMENT! There’s so much to see and so much to do! Smells, sounds, sights, sales! Holy crap I’m getting re-excited just writing this. Yeah, I could have said “excited again”, but re-excited sounds better.

Just like back in North America, fairs in Panama have many things for sale; clothing, hats, shoes, furniture, farm equipment, cows, goats, candy-apples, popcorn, cotton candy, and everyone’s favorite fair fare: meat on a stick. As you can see it’s pretty similar to fairs in North America.

What else is the same? Rides dudes!  And get this, they had The Scrambler – a classic ride for any fair, carnival, or dog and pony show!


Scrambler ride at the fair

No spitting on the Scrambler!

But then there was the glowing difference between fairs back in Canada and the US, and fairs in Panama. PRICES!

Here’s an interesting graphic:

Picture of cheap beer in Panama prices

It costs more to stay sober? Que?

We’ve always wondered why beer is cheaper than water. But it wasn’t just booze prices that were low. In fact, we didn’t even take advantage of this bargain-basement beer pricing bonanza. I got half a chicken and yucca fries for $4. In addition to that, we had an amazingly huge and hugely amazing cup of Agua Pipa (coconut water) that was only $1. Oh, and a tasty bag of churros that was only $2. And get this – rides could be, uhhh, ridden? rode? rought? Eff it…you could go on a ride for only $1.50.

Where am I going with all this? Well, when you go to a fair back home, you seem to get nickel and dimed for everything and at the end of the day you feel fairly ripped off. Fairs in Panama seem to have everything for a $1, mas o menos.

  • stainless steel earrings…$5
  • Two agua pipa drinks….$2
  • Lunch for two…$5.50
  • New wedding bands…$4
  • Feeling your wife gets when you put a wood ring on her finger you bought at the fair…PRICELESS.
picture of wood wedding bands

I got a woody!

I must say, it was much more enjoyable leaving the fair feeling you got some fair deals for fare and had a fairly good time.

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Later Dudes!

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