Christmas in Panama 2
So…it’s here. Lights are up. Trees are decorated. Festivities are upon us. Clearly, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Panama City. A few weeks ago I wrote about Disney coming to Panama for a Christmas Parade (oh, and here’s the route along with closures). The advertising for this event wasn’t well…advertised, but the back of the metro buses have […]

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas in Panama

Latin American Phrases 4
Learning Spanish has been both fun and helpful. It’s great when you can actually communicate with locals, even when I thought the neighborhood kids wanted to eat my toilet. But what I like even better is using fun Latin American words and/or phrases similar to ones that I would use in English, like these 8 Latin American phrases (or words) […]

8 Latin American Phrases I Will Take With Me Wherever ...

Disney in Panama 7
Hey kids, did you hear about Disney coming to Panama? So…as some of you know, Cheli and I just returned from a nine week house sit in Nicaragua (plus three fun nights of R&R at Gran Pacifica Resort). But on our return flight to Panama, Cheli was reading Copa’s Panorama magazine and noticed an article within – an article informing […]

Is Disney Coming to Panama? Apparently!

sunset at Gran Pacifica Resort 11
Well…tomorrow we’ll be back in Panama, dudes! We’ve just concluded our epic border run after a nine week house sit in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua. But before we return, we get to enjoy some R&R because Cheli scored us a three night stay at Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. How you ask? I’ll tell you […]

Three Free Nights at Gran Pacifica Resort!

Well, as our house sit winds down here in Nicaragua we get to reflect on the time we had here. We had some tough times, like when Cheli got REALLY sick. And we had some fun times, like when I got covered in Chocolate sauce. Much like how I compared Canada to America to Panama, I decided I would do a quick […]

What Country is Better? Nicaragua or Panama?

Latin American Hospital IV treatement 11
Well…PanamaDude has jumped the shark. This week, after three full seasons plus five episodes, I’ll be having my first guest post. But not just any guest post. This week my wife will discuss her recent visit to her first Latin American Hospital – the Granada Hospital in Nicaragua. It was a scary time for sure. We thought she just had food poisoning, […]

Canadian Visits a Latin American Hospital; Wants to Punch American ...

Pre paid phone cards Panama
Well, we’re on the home stretch of our super-long border run to Nicaragua. We’ve had ups, downs, and plenty of sideways moments – especially when it comes to internet / data with our phones. With that in mind, I thought to myself; “self, these phone shenanigans would make for some good blog material”. And then I thought to myself; “self, […]

Could Panama Cell Phone Plans Be the Best on Earth?

Well…even though we’re two countries away, we like to keep in touch with friends in Panama; moreover, we like to stay in tune with Panama’s news and happenings. And as many of us have seen, said news includes the…news…that there’s a bit of a small, tiny leak in the new Panama Canal. But let’s not dwell on the problem, let’s […]

8 Ways to Fix the Panama Canal Leak

Well…it wouldn’t be a season of Panama Dude without an Ocho List, would it? This is our second go-round with Granada and Nicaragua in general, and both our trips to the land of lakes and volcanoes can be compared to…lakes and volcanoes. Our first trip in 2012 was very volcano-like; active and steamy. But this time it’s been much more […]

8 Things To Do in Granada, Nicaragua