picture of man sitting naked on couch

Some Funny Panama Photos – Some Needing Captions

So…if you’ve been following along, you know I like to make fun of anything and everything. Humor’s a great coping strategy for culture shock, that’s for sure. I’ve taken some Panama photos of things I’ve found humorous over the past eleven months we’ve been here, and I thought I’d share said Panama photos with you. A couple aren’t mine and are courtesy of The Panama Pauses A. Sherman…wait, that’s too obvious, she may want to remain anonymous, so let’s go with Allison S. of the Panama Pause, as well as city slicker Emma Eiraina


picture of Canadian Bacon in Panama

Panama Grocery Stores: Insulting Canadians since April 4/2015



picture of balls table

It was a ballsy decision to get these made, and it’s a real bone of contention with the owners


picture of sock spelling fail

Phonetically, I guess it’s right?

picture of man sitting naked on couch

Funny – this guy was the star of El Cheque, a TV show my wife and I made appearances on…would love to hear your captions for this one!!!


14 employees for every customer. That's service!

14 employees for every customer. That’s service!

picture of push door fail

Ohhhh…you mean that PUSH. (photo courtesy Emma Eiraina)


picture of Panama Plastic Surgery

If Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers only knew they could get buy Plastic Surgery here in Panama for only $1.99…


Panama Traffic Jam image

Panama traffic jams – tough to STEER clear of them!


picture of government worker on facebook

Nice to see Government workers in Panama doing as much as government workers in North America

picture of Corn Flakes Spelling Fail

Ah, Cron Flakes. Taste them again for the Frist time.

picture of climax condoms

Climax condoms come in three flavors now, as scientists prove vaginas have taste buds


picture of absorbent paper towels

Richard Simmons has nothing on these paper towels


picture of drunk guy texting

my 24 hour Playstation tournament didn’t quite go to plan, but there is always next year – James Archer

Just added this one:

picture of doorstop fail

Perfect example of panama construction. Multi-million dollar new theater and this is a doorstop… Ha. (photo and caption courtesy PC’s funniest woman Emma Eiraina)


And there you have it. Some funny Panama photos according to me, you, Facebook, and our phones. Got any replacement captions or some funny Kodak moments of your own? Do share dudes…do share.

Later Dudes!

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