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Is It Time To Leave Panama? 4

So…in one of the worst kept secrets since…sliced bread? Grrr, one whole year of blogging in Panama and my analogies are still sucking the hind one. Anyway, you may have seen some of our posts about house sitting. In fact, I just wrote a book about it too. Get your copy on Amazon today! Well, after house sitting in Pedasi and PC for over year now, our house sitting adventures are taking us away from Panama.

As a tribute to Panama and some of the great friends we made there, here’s a quick little video of the amazing time we’ve had here so far…well, in Medellin too. That’s a pretty sweet city, you should check it out on your next border run…whatta ya know…I digressed a bit.

auto playing auto muting video


I know you’ll miss me

Oh sure, there will be people out there saying:

Gracias a dios! Now I don’t have to see those ridiculous ramblings about nonsensical happenings in Panama with silly 80’s movie references.

No, you don’t. Instead, after I leave Panama, you’ll get to see all my ridiculous ramblings about nonsensical happenings in the upcoming 4th season…PanamaDude Goes to Nicaragua (complete with silly 80’s movie references).


See you in November, Panama dudes!

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