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What Does A Border Run From Panama to Medellín Cost? 1

So…did last week’s episode about a border run from Panama to Medellín, Colombia make you want to book a flight? Or did you just end up singing “Medellín is not my lover” to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean? If it was the latter, hehe, sorry about that!

picture of rooftop hot tub

Rooftop Hot Tub Time Machine…in Medellin

But to follow up, I wanted to give you an idea of what it costs to do a border run from Panama to Medellín, Colombia – for real this time…promise.

Now, costs will obviously vary, depending on where you stay, what you eat, activities you do, etc. We arrived Wednesday night around 8pm, and departed Sunday at 11am, so we had three action-packed days there and I felt we needed more! Guess I’ll have to make another trip from Panama to Medellín…or change my blog to MedellínDude.

Picture of the city of Medellin

The bus color matches the guard rails…in Medellin

Okay, okay, I won’t ramble on for another blog post and forget about the costs, so without further adieu, here were the costs of our border run from Panama to Medellín, Colombia.

Costs of a trip from Panama to Medellín


Category Total Cost
Accommodation (4 nights, breakfast included) 280.34
Bano (only needed one time – phew!) 0.42
Booze (bottle of wine and 15 drinks) 50.07
Gifts (earrings and bracelets) 12.09
Restaurant (4 lunch/4 dinners) 167.77
Tips (karma dudes) 23.92
Transportation (taxi to/from airport and buses/metro) 113.66
Bike Tour with Medellin Bike Tours 100.00
Massage/Spa (1 massage, 1 facial, 2 aqua spas) 140.71
Grocery / Snacks 17.93
Round trip flights for two (with VivaColombia) 252.66
Grand Total 1159.57

That’s some good pricing in my opinion for a vacation from Panama to Medellin. To compare costs from back home for my Canadian friends, that’s like going to a Toronto Maple Leafs game versus a mediocre team. And for New Yorkers, that’s like…lunch. For FLoridians, that’s a day at Disney with a few kids in tow, for Oklahomans, that’s like, a covered wagon or something..okay, I’ll stop.

But wait…that’s not all (wow, that sounds cheesier typing then hearing Billy Blanks say it on infomercials). My last post about Medellín was shared on Facebook (as always), and fellow expat Janet Sussman got in touch with me to provide a few costs of their five day trip. Their most expensive meal was $15. Their flight with Copa a mere $150. Hotel was a minuscule $54 per night. They went on a tour of Medellin and a coffee farm with lunch included that only set them back $60…for a twelve hour tour! That’s four times as long as the Gilligan’s Island tour!

Anyway, there you have it. If you’re looking to do a nice border run, try Panama to Medellín. It’s nice and clean…almost pristine…and the people aren’t mean…they just want their city to be seen…for what its become, and not what it’s been.

picture of Inntu Hotel Water spa in Medellin

Awesome Water Spa @ Inntu Hotel…in Medellin

Later Dudes!

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