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What Should You Bring When You Move to Panama? 3

So…wondering what to pack when you make the big move to Panama? Or did you bring a $#!T-load of stuff when you moved to Panama? Haha, so did I. So do many people. I have things that I haven’t used, as do many others, I’m sure. If you were to do it all again you’d probably pare down your $#!T and take much less, right? Me too…in fact, I wrote a song about it, it just needs notes, and melody, and…okay, okay, I wrote a f@ck!ng poem…unless you want to rap it, then I wrote a rap.


I brought three Pairs of pants, which doesn’t sound like a lot
But will I wear more than one pair? Probably Not.

Socks upon socks were tossed in my suitcase
I thought to bring many, you know, just in case (rhyming case with case – brilliant, right?)

I brought my favorite hoodie, haven’t worn it once yet
Probably won’t either if you want to wager a bet

We brought a bubba keg, a chef’s knife, and this thing called “the stick”
(It massages your body, It’s actually quite slick)

picture of the stick massager

The Stick Massager – Wife Not Included. CLICK A$$ TO BUY!

But the knife and the keg and many more a thing
Were just cluttering items we did not need to bring

We’re selling our items now, one by one
You should try it some day, it’s actually quite fun

A coffee grinder, bed sheets, and way too many hats
Have been sold off and donated to various expats

Looking back if I had to do it all over again
I’d bring far less t-shirts, much less than ten

If we had known that clothes were so very cheap here
I wouldn’t have packed my smelly workout gear

And don’t even get me started on all my underwear
Or the fact that we brought about a dozen Tupperware

The cables and power bar we brought are all very practical
But are a pain in the ass to pack and aren’t very tactical

I’m so cheap I brought clippers so my wife cuts my hair
Because it saves three bucks a month, so laugh if you dare

Some expats bring it all and ship a container
But that cost is high and to me is a no brainer

So my wife and I have started to live a minimalist life
We may even sell the aforementioned chef’s knife

picture of thats a knife

I sound exactly like Crocodile Dundee too!

If I can’t fit all my stuff, into one large backpack
Then I probably don’t need it, just like a kick in the sac (brilliance again, right?)

But there’s one thing I’m happy that I packed with me
Is a cup and five dice for us to play Yahtzee

Seriously, we play a lot of Yahtzee. We’ve been keeping track since 2007. We’re tied 4-4 in seasons.

picture of Yahtzee championship

YAHTZEE win/loss record since 2007. Competitive much?

If you’re wondering what to bring when you make the big move, try packing all your stuff and living out of your suitcase(s) for a few weeks. See what you use and what you don’t. But make sure you crank the heat in your house to, like, a really hot setting. Oh, and this last paragraph didn’t rhyme because the rap was over.

Later Dudes!

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3 thoughts on “What Should You Bring When You Move to Panama?

  • Ralph Ruvalcaba

    Me and my wife don’t have plans to move to Panama but we’re planning to visit the place. We’re sure that we’ll not going to bring along a handful of clothes when we go there. It’s best to buy specially when it’s cheap.

  • Peter

    Hey i loved your rap! Good advice. Im moving to Panana next week. I am trying to bring some pots pans dishes and electronics in a few suitcases. Cant find any information if i can do that or not. If customs would make me pay any taxes on my household items – which are not new. (Btw do i have to find receipts for this stuff? I hope not) Could you shed some light on this fir me? Thanks.