Wet Season in Panama has arrived

What’s So Great About Wet Season In Panama? 2

So…it’s the wet season in Panama again –  or rainy season, if you prefer. It’s a sticky situation when the seasons change, literally. Everything seems to stick to you. There is so much more moisture in the air, and meteorologists tell me this increases humidity. But what do I know about weather, I’m just a caveman…

unfrozen caveman lawyer

I’m just a caveman, I know little about what you call “Wet season in Panama”

Anyway, the winds start to change direction and the nights are very still. Air Conditioners are relied on much more, which kind of sucks, because it’s a drain on a grid that’s always seemingly drained. Plus, I really don’t like AC. However, take the good with the bad and enjoy the two seasons Panama offers (beats the $#!T out of -40 Celsius).

As Wet Season in Panama begins, here’s a list of…

The Pro’s and Con’s of the Wet Season in Panama

I’ll start with:

Pro’s of the Wet Season In Panama

  • Rivers get re-stocked (Panama is powered by Hydro Electric).
  • Water brings life and the Circle of life is rejuvenated…insects a plenty = bats get to eat. Flowers blooming = birds/bees pollenating.
  • More cloudy days to help tolerate working outdoors.
  • Awesome lightning shows over the ocean. The Azuero Peninsula is probably the driest part of Panama, but almost every night there are storms over the ocean that blow by but never quite make landfall. We get to see some pretty sweet light shows.
Lightning in Panama

Constant Light Shows in Panama


Con’s of the Wet Season in Panama

  • It’s wet, so when the sun comes out it gets VERY humid.
  • Things can’t dry out because of the humidity, so your stuff is more susceptible to MOLD.
  • Bugs, bugs, and more bugs.
  • Potholes come out to play on the road.
Potholes in Panama

Haha, you thought you moved away from potholes!


But as we say goodbye to the Dry Season, we fondly remember…

The Pro’s of Dry Season

  • It’s drier and MUCH less humid.
  • Less insects that can bite your ankles, ears, and all your other 2000 parts.
  • More ocean fun time.
  • Nice breezes from the North/Northwest.

But hey, DRY SEASON, don’t bump your ass on the way out…

The Con’s of Dry Season:

  • Everything turns brown and more dead-looking than Skeletor. Well, almost everything.
  • Rivers dry up (Panama is powered by Hydro Electric).
  • It’s dusty as $#!T (good luck keeping your car clean).
  • Burn baby burn. Dry season = burn season and it smells. And sometimes people forget that FIRE + WIND = no Bueno para todos.
Fires in Panama

Everyone in Pedasi remembers the time the chino almost burned the town down doing this

Well there you have it, my Pro/Con list of the dry season and wet season in Panama. Got any Pro’s/Con’s of your own that aren’t listed here? Then list them. Tell all your friends…Tell the whole bunch (mom, I just ate a hippopotamus for lunch…)

Later Dudes


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2 thoughts on “What’s So Great About Wet Season In Panama?

  • Colleen and Oliver

    My student and I really enjoyed using your pros and cons as part of our research on Pedasi’s seasons. Somehow, the caveman picture drew our attention first, but the rest of your ideas were pretty awesome, too! Thanks, Dude!