Bob Barker of Price is Right reminding us to Spay or Neuter Pets

Who Let The Dogs Out? Time for a Spay Neuter Panama Event!

So…if you’ve been living in Panama, or have visited Panama (especially the interior) you may have noticed something; there are quite a few dogs roaming around, aimlessly. The boys with their…uh…”boys“ dangling around like Newton’s Cradle, or those trailer hitch ornaments you see on pickup trucks. And then there’s the roaming lady dogs, with their 8 nips dangling like Kathy Bates’ ta-ta’s in About Schmidt…Hey, gravity happens! But it’s time for a Spay Neuter Panama event!

Do you boys hang low? Do they wobble to and fro?

Do you boys hang low? Do they wobble to and fro?

But the thing is, it doesn’t need to be this way. Well, gravity does, but the roaming horny and pregger dogs can be avoided. As Expats, we come into the country and say things like “Where I come from…” and “Back in <insert your country here>”, and you either get an eye-roll or blank stare. But when it comes to living up to Bob Barker’s lifelong dream of having your “Pet Spayed or Neutered”, the Panamanians are all for it. They don’t want dogs rummaging through their stuff either. Nor do they enjoy dogs standing out front of their houses barking at the moon during a three AM power outage.

And don’t even get me started on the cats! We hear so many cat fights in our back yard I’m thinking of selling tickets. You thought cock-fighting was popular, imagine…uh…never mind.

Anyway, one of the problems iwith controlling the pet population is resources. There are spay and neuter clinics across the country, but people either don’t know about them, or they don’t have a way to get an animal there.

Another problem is education. You see, it’s a machismo thing for a dog to have his huevos, well, for the owner it is. But in case you didn’t know, the vets here don’t just lop off male schnuts like they do back in North America. Au contrair mon frere! They basically do a vasectomy here, keeping the doggy berries (and the owners machismo) intact.

And that’s where we as Expats can help.

  • We can help educate.
  • We can help facilitate.
  • And we can tell them the vet won’t castrate.

Many expats have cars. Many are on one social media platform or another. Many have time on their hands. And many have (or had) pets and know the benefits of fixing them.

My wife is quite involved in a group here in Pedasi called the Animal Advocates of Pedasi/Defensores de los Animales de Pedasi. They have fundraisers for Spay Neuter Panama clinics and are always looking for donations and volunteers to help at said Spay Neuter Panama clinics.

Spay Neuter Panama Event in Las Tablas

Spay Neuter Panama Event in Las Tablas

So, where am I going with this? Well, there’s an amazing gala happening here in Pedasi at Casa Lajagua. It’s called Hats Off to the Animals, and there are limited tickets. If you’re going to be in the Greater Pedasi Area on March 9th, buy a ticket by contacting Animal Advocates of Pedasi/Defensores de los Animales de Pedasi. Proceeds go towards a great cause – the animals.



And let’s be honest, your favorite part about The Price i$ Right wasn’t “The Wheel”, or “contestants row”, or even the game “Plinko”. No, it was right after the Showcase Showdown, after giving away a boat, dining room set, golf clubs and a towel set to some schmoe from Nebraska that will never even need a boat, when Bob Barker (now Drew Carey) would say “Help Control the pet population, have your pet spayed or neutered”.


Spay Neuter Panama is a great cause and if you’re involved with any animal groups here in Panama, please, feel free to comment about it and let people know.

Later Dudes!

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